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Saturday, January 2, 2010Y
2 January 2010, Saturdy

Today, after work, I went straight home. :) And I heard super mushy conversation while waiting for bus @ interchange. Seriously, such things are no big deal but those mushy words came out from a middle age auntie. OMG! Is so unbelievable, I do not know whether that middle age uncle is her husband or her BOYFRIEND.

Hmm, I didnt ear drop what they are talking about, is just that the lady was speaking so loud that even I was hearing to my MP3, I still can hear their conversation.

The lady keep thank the guy fo going out with her, she was so touch that even that guy was so tired, still willing to accompany her. And keep asking him what the sms mean, she dont understand, and she really like his accompany.

If is her husband, I dun think will keeo thank him?? DO NOT KNOW!! MUHAHAHHAHA!!!

While going to reach my bus stop, a guy came to sit beside me! BUT his surface area so big, dun understand how he sit, he is not that fat but I had no place! SAD!!! Though I'm small size, Dun keep squeezing me into a small corner ! ROAR!!!

Haix, nth much le! Shall stop here!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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