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Thursday, December 24, 2009Y
24 December 2005, Thursday Christmas Eve

Today is Chhristmas Eve & is been long that I didnt blog, too lazy.
On 20 Dec 2009, Sunday, was out with LiXin, Priscilla, Tania, XiuBin & SunHao to buy christmas celeration stuff. However, end up enjoying ourselve hahaha!! We went to watch The Princess and The Frog. The show was quite funny. After movie, we went home.

On tuesday, 22 dec 2009. I went out with my mum to buy furniture, gonna to rearrange my house living room, seem like I was living in a dump for about 20 years , really can't stand it anymore. However, when tidying up my house, I realise majority of thee things are not mine =o=, all belongs to my sister and grandma and they wanted almost all the things. So what the point of tidying. But, in the end I throw away all the things... HaHa!! On that day, we bought a log cake, and this log cake suck, it was not crispy at all, was being tricked for buying this. Haix... Anyway appearance seems beautiful.
24 December 2009, Thursday, Christmas Eve.
It so luck that this year round, we didnt not plan to have a BBQ Session Celebration, it had been raining since early in the morning. OMG!!! This year, we going to have a sweet romantic celebration @ novotel hotel. Woo~~ Shall update next time :) Gonna prepare all the food and wrap my present hahaha!!! A bit lazy sia, can i just bring it n go LOL!!
~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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