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Wednesday, October 28, 2009Y
28 October 2009, Wednesday

Woo.. seems long that i did not blog...

Random post...

Morning, I heard something which really make me feel like slapping her although she is my "elderly" but her mindset was so childish, n doesn't know how to respect elderly.

That person is my VIETNANESE 3rd aunt. Today, she supposingly to accompany my Vietnanese 2th aunt and her baby to polyclinic for checkup. And my grandma was asking what was the time that they suppose to go.

Then she ask my grandma to go instead, she don't want to go, o my ! MY granny can't even walk much, she ask her go.. Then my grandma say, 2th aunt ask her(3rd aunt), not me so she (3rd aunt) suppose to go. How can she told my grandma to go instead . My granny also say that.

Then, she shout back, y she cannot ask her to go with her instead. Damn it, she seems like ordering my grandma to do something. My uncle main purpose to marry her is ask her help up with my grandma, but end up, she was doing nth n my grandma was doing everything..

What a "wonderful woman" she is ...Puke!!!
Sometime realli feel like scolding her .. to stop ordering my grandma doing things.. Wad the hell she is!!! SHE IS NTH!!!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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