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Thursday, October 30, 2008Y
Entrepreneurship Driving Me Crazy

Err!! Entrepreneurship Driving Me Crazy.. All our ideas were being REJECTED!! Wad should we do now??

Anyone has any idea? Can help us! Pls!!

Idea must have prototype.. We are the creator, not being a middleman.. Must be creative, attractive and can even link to social problem and must can earn high profit! God.. as if we will realli get fund to do it =.= Is just a module pls! -.-

And there are ideas to strongly discourage!! =.=

  • Food & Beverage (E.g. cafe, theme restaurant)

  • Event management

  • Wedding Planner

  • Childcare Centre

  • Pet Shop

  • Hair Salon

  • Mobile (bus) retail services

  • Customisation of retail accessories and products

Omg! How we come out with ideas den???

~Signing off~

-HuiLeng aka MoMo-


ends at 6:03 PM

Sunday, October 26, 2008Y
24 Ocober 2008

Todae, woke out and found I'm all alone @ home! The feeling was so funny, usually I will chat with my grandma or shout @ my brother! Hehe.

My grandma, grandpa, brother and uncle went to vietnam todae, they were taking 7.15am flight & they left at 5am.. so early! SoB! I was still sleeping. Not long after, my sister went school, my mum and dad went work. Shit, I'm all alone now with OD(doggy) and he was crying....

I had to do the housework now! Sweep floor, feed fish, fold clothing!! ERRR!!!! Hate it!! I had no time for my school work for 4 days =.= ! I was worry how am i going to survive till Sunday? I was so lazy that I wont went to buy food for myself. Gonna starve myself and treat it as on diet.. Haha

Shall stop here! Ah Ma 快点回来。。。

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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Sunday, October 19, 2008Y
19 October 2008 (Jo Jo entry)

Hmm.. Will gonna post yesterdae(Sat) photo again!

Hmm was sorting up my photo from my lappy & saw mine JoJo (my pet dog) photos. Omg, I still cant get over with it, I lost him! Hope to find it back but i dun think it is possible to fulfill my wish. *Heartache..* Sob*

JoJo went missing on 2nd of May 2008 (Hate this date 4Eva) in the afternoon @ Ang Mo Kio. It had been missing for 5 months, going 6 months soons. Just pray hard that he had been kept by nice people? Pls dun ill-treat him! I had try a few ways to look for him. Pasting poster near my blk and even further? Went to post entries in forum? Just left advertising it newspaper which it is realli too ex.

I really hope to find it back. But no news at all, people gave me false inform about JoJo, invalid car number.. U treat us as a fool? Can't really noe wad the people on earth thinking now, can't they just return stuff that does not belong to them, why must they just remain quiet after they found sth that does not belong to them? I was being taught to return items when i find it somewhere which it does not belong to me. I did that but wad does others did it to me? *Sigh* Doesn't matter anymore, *Heart is dead*, *Lost my JoJo & .. **Personnal secret, cant blog it**

Why am I just that unlucky, y must I be the one who lost all my loved one! Y Y Y ???

If anyone just happen to found him, and saw this entry, can pls inform me? Till now i still hope to look it back.. Im just trying my luck, **Sob** ...

JoJo photos (Long Hairs):

JoJo photos (Short Hairs):


-Signing off-

~HuiLeng aka MoMo~

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Friday, October 17, 2008Y
17 October 2008

A week past, I still feel a distance between us. Does friendship do last? How come I feel that our friendships are drifting a part? Does our hard work on maintaining the friendship will give the result of wad we expect?

I Do Not Know!

Even friends for 6 years can snatch away your ideal stuffs, partner or things u owe! That still hurts me when i recall it back. I feel so dumb !!

Dumb... Dumb ... Dumb!!! Should forget it, but it keep happening surrounding me!! Wad can I do?

I Really Don't Know... Just Let Times Past! Wounds will heals through times!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

ends at 6:24 PM

Wednesday, October 15, 2008Y
15 october 2008

Yesterdae, as usual went to sch, break and end of lesson.... This is school life!!! Hmmm, last 2 lesson was cancel so rui wen and I intend to go to watch Connected act by Louis Koo, Barbie Hsu, Liu Ye. Hehe...

@ first, we intend to had our lunch @ subway. Shireen and Alvin were joining us for lunch too.. BUT amk hub subway was so small and the staffs were not flexible. They said cant adjust the table. Plus the ppl also funny la. He was alone and he occupy 4 ppl seating area! Damn it! So fed up and leave for pizza hut!
GOD!! They 4get our drumlets!! ROAR!! WE had a heart to heart chat, feel disappointed for this sem! Haix.. Nvm la.. Just remmber dun take thinge for granted & treat ever1 fairly, dun dump ppl aside!

Actually wanna to watch 2.30/2.40 show but we wchat until we 4get the time so we watch 3.10 show! Ruiwen and I were watching Connected, we bought the ticket and went for our show
BUT the ppl gave us the wrong show... It was Eagle Eye! Ehh wrong la tootie! Den we went to say and xchange for our show... We dun care!!!

Bob's life isn't going well at all. A single father in a dead-end job as a debt collector, he's trapped in a job that goes against his usual easy-going helpful nature and he's under tremendous pressure to be a better dad, a better brother, a better worker, even a better person. While dealing with all this and his sister's threat to move to Australia with his son to force him to clean up his act, Bob receives a call out of the blue. It's a stranger called Grace who claims a mysterious kidnapper is keeping her against her will and begs him to save her and her young daughter. Is it just a prank? The detective he tried reporting the call to seem to think so but Bob's instincts tell him that he may just be the only thing standing between them and a painful death. But does he have the mettle to rise above his own self-centered concerns and risk everything – including his own son – for two people he has never met and who may not even exist?

This show quite cool! when watching the show, I'm telling RW all the actor are so handsome hehe! Including the kids sia! The police acted by Liu Ye was so cool, I was expecting him to remove his sunglasses.. After he remove his sunglasses.. GOD!! Pls wear back ahha! The eyes like tua kang! Spoilt the image la haha! After the movie, we went home.. Haha..

I wanna watch The Coffin, Beverly Hills ChiHuaHua , HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR (I not high on this, just wanna bring my cousins to watch) and one acted by Wu Zhun & Ah Sa one!! Hehe!!

Just hope to find ppl watch with me de lor.. Anyway I feel I will tio pang sei again even we had promise to watch again!

~Signing off~

-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

ends at 9:21 AM

Monday, October 13, 2008Y
13 October 2008

Yeah !! Sch term start!!! Today lesson 9am to 5 pm.... Went to sch quite early ... den went for lst lesson... Business module !! After the module we went to have Mac Breakfast ... Yummy!!!

As usual share the meal with Shireen ! Hehe!! Den an hr past, all of us was getting ready to go for the next lesson! Who noes. while we on the way to Blk L... HongXiang called me, lesson cancel ... HoHo!! So went to queue up to get our book...

Shit!! Super long queue!!! While queueing, we saw Eng Aik & Heng Teng(spell like this??), they had 5 hr break in between... We crap for awhile... .I was disturbing them of their break... 5 hr sia! OMG ..... So long! Haha!

After we queue up, there is abt an hr more to our next lesson, however, we were not hungry too so we intend to go to the room to chat BUT occupy! So we sit at the corridor ... We start talking abt ghost story hehehehe!!!

Lesson start! Shit .... No lesson AGAIN!!! This end up we had 5 HOURS BREAK!!! OMG!!! Y like that.....

Haix sad sia.... Few of my frenzs say i grow fatter! Did I? Seriously, I really feel a bit! Really quite sad about this! I told my dad i grow fat, he scold me skeleton leh ! Haix! FAT FAT FAT .... I'm crazy.................................................... SHOULD I? go cut down my fats?? or just ignore ... Sad!!

Then, another problem is.... They say long hair not suitable for me! Serious? I very ugly?? Haix... Y nth goes well on me?? I just wanna try out to have long hair onli ma.... Haix ... Now like this !! Should I go cut it or ignore it? Plus 1 thing... I no $$ to cut! Hehe!!

Really long hair not nice ar? Haix... If i cut short, confirm say me boy boy liao ma! ...Wad should I do??? Comment pls!!!


~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

ends at 7:32 PM

Saturday, October 11, 2008Y
11 october 2008

These few day, I was high on mahjong... Dunno y sia! Haha... So i plan a mahjong session today.

Mahjong leg:
Pris, Me, Fiona(my cousin) and my aunt.......

LOL ....

End up! I LOST!! SAD!!!!

That all ... Hahahaha

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

ends at 11:22 PM

Sunday, October 5, 2008Y
5 October 2008

Today, Sunday.... A fresh new day! I went market with my grandma
and sister!

I bought a few stuff. My grandma bought me a few home shorts.
And myself, I bought a handphone stand, a thrash bin, a clock
and a holder to decorate my area! Hehe!!! Kawaii!!!
Then, we went to have breakfast!

Candid shot of my grandma and sis! Is my grandma cool??

Then, my sis and I took photo ! Cos nth to do, i finish eating liao !!
Eeeee, y my sis face like that ??
Yeah!!! After taht went home. I clean up my space!
HuiLeng's Property.... As u all noe, my hse very messy!!!!


Both desktop and laptop is MINE!!! MUHAHAHA!!!!!

*** Slack & Rot the whole day ***

Date: 4 October 2008, Saturday

Having OT today and is officially last day! Yeah!! Rest rest!!

Freedom.... Seriously, I do feel a bit sad! Will miss the fun happening in Starhub.. BUT i will 4get wad that sissy did! Haha

I had prepare a small farewell gift for them:

I had prepare a gift for sissy too... Shoot him!! ROAR!!!

Starhub Card! Had to return to them!! Sob!! Then, i finish my task for that day, and den another TL call jingkang do clearance? Wad that call? 4get liao ! for me! Haha! Sudha so bad! We went to check the age of some ppl.. Haha!! Den the bamboo Yap is .... 29 =.= omg! ROAR... Haha!!

A day had past!!!!!

*** Take Care EveryOne!! ***


Date: 3 October 2008, Friday

Hmm, can consider as 2nd last day in Starhub as a part-timer. It is adeline and kerrine last day of working too! So the 6 of us (AAs) -- Adeline, Sudha, Kerrine, Siti, Puay San & Me decide to have a farewell lunch together. And we invited our TL (Melvin to have lunch together too).

We went to Fish & Co. On the way, i was joking that the 6 of us (the gals) to sit 1 table and Melvin sitting alone, muhahaa (I'm so bad). In the end, he tell them that the 6 of them 1 table, ME ALONE!!! Wau, y like that =.= Sad!!!

He still bear grudges, @ the beginning of my job, RuiWen, Me, Adeline, Valerie and him went to have lunch b4. And i leave a place beside him and sit at the other side SO when we go fish & Co, he he he sit beside me =.= NVM!!! Bleah!!

Kerrine, Puay San, Siti & me order a seafood platter for 1 individually.
Look yummy? Nah, it not! The sotong is CHAO DA! Not nice @ all! Waste $$ Sob! @ Fish & Co. the rest was high on taking photo & I took a few! Haha!

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=Siti & I (Above)=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= Melvin & I (Above) Eek, I look fat.. ROAR y u so skinny. The photo a bit blur!!

=o=o=o=o=o=Kerrine, Puay San & I (Above)=o=o=o=o=o=

Back to office quite late! Woots! HaHa... Shhhhhh....When we walking towards Park Mall & PS, Someone ask me to go Fish & Co. to be waitress & Melvin say I will be the shortest waitress and customers can't see me! ROAR!!!! Slap u ar!! Den I give him a hard push! GOD! SO LIGHT(or should call skinny? haha). He can't balance, WOOT!!! When going to end of work, we took a few group photo and individual photo too!! The 6 gals AA & Team Leader (Melvin) Normal Pose.... Hehe....(Above)
We had plan this pose after lunch. This is the face that Melvin like to make.. Haha... Sickening!! (Above)
The 6 of us!!! Fun Fun!!!!(Above)
=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=Adeline & Me!=o=o=o=o=o=
OMG !! He acting cute with us!! Can't stand him hahaha!!!!


At night, Puay San and Me was meeting Anjing members (SooSing, Shireen, RuiWen & XiuRong).... We went to pasta cafe @ taka... Yummy!!!!! WE so long never meet! Miss u gals lots!!!!! A lot of things to say! LOL! gossip gossip!

Yummy Foods~~~ (Below) Then we took some photo in the cafe!

Candid Shot! Gossiping look??? Haha! Lucky, Never take me! LOL It seems like both of them are talking to me!! LOL!!! (Above)
The 6 members of ANJING(安静比较好)HuiLeng,RuiWen,Shireen(Above)
XiuRong,SooSing,PuaySan (Below)

=o==o=o=o=o=o=o=Friends 4 Eva!!=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=

We were gossiping till night! As a few of us was working on Saturday so we had to go home early. We went to sit outside the taka. Guess wad... For goodness sake, we saw a AH GUA (obviously look like a guy) dress up like a sexy girl was posing in front of us.. Shit! I want puke!! There was a group of malays were whistling @ HER?HIM? O my god! LOL... Making fun of HIM?HER? Haha...

That Ah Gua really very gross!! **puke** Lucky he stay there for a while and den walk away....

So Anjing decided to take photo! A group photo of 6 Anjing members! Finally! !!! Cheeze !!!!

Shireen went off earlier, SooSing's BF was picking her up. The rest of us went to take MRT! On the way to orchard station, omg saw that AH GUA again, he was dancing infront of the open pub!

** Shit, gross, puke! **

Me and RuiWen quickly fast up our pace and run!! haha! Vomit!!! Den i saw Shireen msg! She say she saw the Ah Gua dancing in front of the pub... EEEE !! means that he had been dancing for quite long time? God!!!

A fun day!! Having OT on Saturday! And is officially last day in Starhub! Feel sad! BUT, I have to leave. @ home, I am preparing a farewell gift!

**Sleeping Time!!!! **

~Signing off~ -HuiLeng aka MoMo-

ends at 2:40 PM