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Sunday, August 31, 2008Y
31 August 08

Date: 30 August 2008 Saturday
Yesterdae! went for dinner with lixin (llx), xiubin (xb), priscilla (pris) and tania. Actually we planning to go hardrock cafe BUT most of us think that it was too expensive.

I'm meeting llx and xb earlier first as 3 of us feel like going shopping, we will be meeting pris and tania later on. 3 of us agreed to meet at 5pm at orchard station as we will be going to far east!

KNOW WAD? I was so piss off! I sms both of them around 4.45pm asking have they out of the house as i knew that they will be late so im at home at that time. Xb reply, she was put of the house, so i get really and went to take bus. Llx called (using house phone) OMG!! still @ home.

Anger was up! I reached amk station at 5pm and it will be around 15min to orchard, while xb still at serangoon waiting for llx, mean they will reach orchard around 1/2 hr? WAD THE HELL ! I was like a fool den. So I ask XB to meet mi first, but den it will be quit late too.. I was so angry i really dun feel like going for the dinner anymore. So i went to amk hub to walk a while, then xb called me that she is on the way to meet me. And i was saying i not going le.. muhaha last min PS them! I ALSO GOT TEMPER DE LOR OKIE!!! Anyway, i still went to meet her (I was so useless, sob!). Then llx called, she say she was on the way too. HAIX... Den when reach, i saw xb but i just act i nv c and went to draw $$, i was so anger at that time. Then atm queue was so long! WTH! WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT!

When on the way to amk station, i called pris ask y she not meeting us earlier, haix 4get it den, dont feel like saying this, She told me hardrock cafe was expensive, so both of us feel like changing venue for the dinner. So there was a few choices, I said i want korean food haha.... I like korean food alot!! YUMMY!! So check check check online!

Then start our shopping! At first, we were shopping for SQ present (sorri to buy it so late, was quite busy recently). But cant realli find suitable stuff. Then, i was so hungry, went to have a small bite. Then, went for korean foods... yummy!!


After dinner, we went shopping a while mroe den went home. Quite sad.. onli me taking north line... Llx, XB and Pris were taking north east line.

OMG! the train super packed, i cant breathe, I wonder y the guy and that indian old man keep pushing into the train, obviously there wasnt enough space... I cant stand it anymore, so i get down at Toa Payoh.. I called my mum and she was in the interchange, i rush up and meet her and we took 88 home. She was queuing in front, she asked me to go front which i dont wan cos it like cutting queue.. She shouted AND and... the front idiot couple keep looking back at me... HEY IDIOT! IT IS NON OF UR BUSINESS! MIND UR OWN BUSINESS PLS!!!

After that, reach home around 11++ ... Do my own stuff, den went to bed..

"WHAT A NICE DAY"..... ~.~

PS: I apologise if that day my attitude was sux!! SORRY!!!!!

~Signing off~

-HuiLeng aka MoMo-


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Wednesday, August 27, 2008Y
27 August 08

Todae is the 3rd day of working as admin in Starhub. I'm working as admin assistant, we must understand a lot of things.

Todae, I had done shredding
(lols~work scope look funny ritz!), folding voucher and put into envelope and glue it. HaHa.. 大便工.

Den i done filtering, suddenly a girl come to ask me about the case, and is funny sia, she should ask the agent instead of me! Wad the hell... wanna sabo me izzt? Sickening u !! Lucky the senior AA help me to clarify.

Quite fun there, is just that the area was damn small, and den the ppl there mostly are high position so we cant even talk loudly ...
WTH... Anyway do u think i care? Haha!!

I onli hate the lunch arrangement... How come is being assign by someone on who we suppose to go with? So funny!! Anyway, lucky todae RuiWen going with me or else i sure
SIAN 1/2. We go with 3 "senior AA" Adeline, JunJie and a girl (dunno how to spell her name plus not sure how to pronouce too! Haha) and Joie(but she didnt go for lunch).

Then back to office and slowly do the stuff and wait for time to go home ahha... Hope my shift will be same as my friends who im more familiar with ! Pray Hard!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-


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Monday, August 25, 2008Y
Lst Day of work

Currently working part-time as Admin Assistant (AA) near plaza singapura. Pay not bad = $7 per hour.

Today, first day of training. Feeling so anxious and dunno wad will happen,
  • IS IT FUN?
  • Will the colleague nice?

I'm meeting Siti and RuiWen @ Douby Ghuat @ 8.45am. We reach there around 9am. Called Brenda and she fetches us into the meeting room. And the training start.

In the morning, it goes quite well. But when it came to afternoon... Before lunch, we were shown where will we be sitting, the place was like garbage area, stacks of paper.. Forgoodness! The area was so small and cramp, worst is @ a corner! I think onli the name AA is nice, actually AA is rubbish ba, being throw aside... OMG OMG OMG!!!

U know Y call AA ? Cos when ppl need sth, they will say "A(ehh)A(ehh)" where is the things? Haha ok la JUST KIDDING!

OUR NIGHTMARE START!!! Omg! The stupid TRAINER scolded (not really scold, but the feeling is there) me the whole day! And my frenz were being attack too... WTH~

He ask mi a question which I dun realli understand. He speak so fast like a machine guns. And mostly the stuff being taught need to be hands on den we will understand but he mostly do the speaking only. WTH~~ Expect us to know within hours? If i know everything, i can take over his position le! GET LOST !! STUPID SISSY!!!! Then some of them was asking him <"woot" (or is it to be a her?")> a question, he is like so irritated, ans unwillingly... WTH!!! Should grade him sia! STUPID SISSY!!! WTH ! GO FLY HIGH HIGH LA!!!!

He so "gu niang" sissy sia.... Can't stand it.

I grow until so old, even my Dad didnt even say/scold me the whole day... Tat Sissy Sissy Sissy..... scolded me the whole day.


For the sake of $$ have to endure~ I'm thinking to continue for a month only, not intending to work till mid oct. Im gonna save 2 weeks as holiday!!

~ Signing off ~

-HuiLeng aka MoMo-


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Sunday, August 24, 2008Y
Complicated feeling

Yesterday went bugis shopping... Bought 2 jeans and a wallet and went to eat Aijisen den nth much :) Usual stuff, chat in msn den watch television...

My Life Is Boring~~

Todae.. feeling feel complicated. Tml Start work.


Err I like not enough rest leh ~~ OMG!!!

No work = no money! Sob! Have to drag myself to work.. SOB!

PS: Friends ask mi out SHOPPING leh on my off day! HaHa!!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-


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Friday, August 22, 2008Y
Interview sux

Nth 2 write..

Yesterday went interview again, same answer, wait for call... I'm sick of it!!! Errrrrrrrrr!!! Today, my frenz help me look out for job, same... comex show for fujitsu, same routine again.

  • Go down interview
  • Wait for call
  • Being rejected!

Funny sia! -.- Always say ya need ppl~ so should be OK. In the end how? Haix... Really Sick Of It! So I'm not gonna go down and being fool once more.

Aiya, haix, dunno wad to contniue le!

~Signing Off ~

-HuiLeng aka MoMo-


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Wednesday, August 20, 2008Y
20-8-08 wednesday!

20 August 2008, Wednesday

Todae, went to meet puay san, aili and rui wen @ amk central mac to look for job. Supposely to meet them at 11.30pm, due to some issue, we postpone to 12.30pm which we drag until 1pm. (PRO SIA) Muhahaha!!! B4 going out of the house, puay san called me and ask mi to send my resume and cover letter to an email. It is an job agency, the resume i had sent was to look for data entry/admin work.

The 4 of us went to raffles place, we meet siti @ the station for the interview. Anyway, not sure whether i will get the job. After the interview, i got to noe something, on
16 August 2008, Saturday, I had went to Sennheiser company (not sure whether it is a company) for interview for the comex show, they called my frenz (AiLi) when we were on the way for an interview, she was accepted. Actually i was quite feeling low, I really FEEL SUX TO CORE!

AM I REALLY THAT BAD, Y THEY DID THIS TO ME. ALL MY FRENZS WERE ACCEPTED! ONLI ME! FEELING DOWN DOWN DOWN. Forget it den, that nth i can do too, just feel that i had wasted my time waiting which i hate waiting MOST ! SHIT IT!!!!!!!!!

After that, we tried to look for tuition agency contact number. I feel like giving tuition. Any LOBANG? But was not in the mood to search for any job or number. After that, we decided to go home. Ruiwen went in a different direction as us, while on the way home, i had an urge to eat donut so me, puay san and aili went to novena donut factory to buy :) hahhaha! I bought muffin @ raffles area too!

On the way to Novena !

Muffin & Donuts Boxes!

Donuts! Yummy!

Muffins! Looks Great!

@ United Square!

We went to see aili attachments places haha! Bo liao until like that!! Saw these rabbit, so kawaii!!!

The white rabbit looks so fake :)

After that we went for a chit chat session at KFC! LOL ...
Topic: How a online guy destroy a girl's heart!
LOL! The topic quite stupid, but that guy really CMI la.... So cruel~ Girls u noe who I'm referring to! hahaha ...

Then went home, tired & very mood swing~~

~ Signing off ~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-


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Monday, August 18, 2008Y
Fed up

Todae, MONDAY! I'm SLACKING @ home, i have not been resting since janurary. PATHETIC ritz?? So siok staying at home though really didnt do much things, will get my butt out to look for jobs after i get enough of rest!! WEEEE~ As usual, i surf net, check mail, friendster, watch series shows and chatting in msn.



Recommended: 5 STARS (very funny and stupid)


Woot! the storyline too long~ haha anyway this show is very nice!

Recommended: 5 STARS (very sweet & sad!)

=====17 August 2008 Sunday======
Sunday! God... My grandma wake m3 up SOOOO early. I'm so sleepy not enough sleep sia. (I need 15 hrs of sleep each day, LOL). Went to my cousin's house, is Suee Ann's birthday ^o^. We (bro, sis, me) bought her stationary as present, though is stationary but was not cheap wor~ Those pencil is so kawaii but so x. 我不舍得买给自己 but bought 1 for my cousin. Stay at her hse for the whole day den went home in the evening. Suddenly has an urge to create a blog, so when@ my cousin hse, i created this blog and i continue it when i'm at home. Nth much today.

I also took a photo of 1 of my cousin, Kingsley Tan.

No Ping Ian! Sob...

======16 August 2008 Saturday======
Err.. today i can't wake up sia. I'm so tired, yesterdae went to zzz too late :). I'm meeting Aili @ 10.15 at her hse bus stop there but i'm late for 5 minutes. We going for an interview @ orchard. I think is for comex show one... anyway didnt get the job. Is ok den! Feeling SAD onli. SOB!

At first, the interview was on monday (11/8), den change to wednesday (13/8) den wth change to saturday (16/8). GUESS wad! We suppose to be interviewed at 11am, but we waited till 12 noon. The worse was we waited outside the office and seated on the floor. Den that person reach at 12 noon. Wad the hell, was feeling a bit piss off that time. Their time was precious which mine was not. Didnt really want to work at that moment le. So the interview i SCREW it up. Anyway she didnt really ask much question too, she saw mine course and straight away say "o.O u same course as Puay San". Interview in this way? Lst time meet it.


Den after that, we went shopping, went 2 eat first so hungry ! Weeeee~

Woo~ yummy! I LOVE bread ^o^ ...

  • Puay San, Aili & Me!
  • Hair Clip (From Chomel, xx $9) Love it :)
  • Handphone Key Chain (From Chomel too, $6) BUT i regret buying this.

========15 August 2008 Friday=======

Something to add on for friday. At night, I went to meet anjing members for dinner and movie. Miss them lots ~ All so busy .. Meet to eat steamboat, den went for movie 4bias. A thai ghost movie..... Is nice! Haha but being freak out, ask my bro to wait for me at the lift there hahaha! Lousy sia mi.... so TIMID!

As usual, late night movie onli soosing, ruiwen, shireen and m3! We bought couple seat sia haha.. soosing and ruiwen, me and shireen. BUT there was an irritating couple (i assume) keep talking sia.... SHHHHH them liao also wont shut up. Their language we dun understand too, it doesnt show like english or chinese. So FED UP! want talk go home talk la ROAR!!!!

Haha, me and shireen always mia (missing in action) for ghost movie. HIDE HIDE HIDE... LOL... jacket cover us, when we miss a scene, i usually ask ruiwen wad happen LOL. Thx for telling me ar... haha!! We so timid! cant blame us... Too Bad!! Haha!

After movie, soosing give us a ride home. Thank for the trouble to drive us home :). By the time i reach home and tidy up everything, it is gonna 2 am. It times to zzzzz....


That all for the day !!

~ Signing off ~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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Sunday, August 17, 2008Y
Last Day of Attachment

Date: 15 August 2008, Friday
Last Day of Attachment

Wheeeee ... So happy that day :) Is the last day of attachment for 3 months. Freedom Fredoom Freedom... jobless !!! LOL ..

That day leave at 3pm.. Hehe.. Permission given by supervisor. Actually wanna take group photo of all of us (5 of us) but Zhang Ying was not here until 3pm which we gonna leave the OCBC Bank liao. During the last week in OCBC, we have been slacking and rotting (stink) .. ~BORED 2 DEATH SIA~

Haha.. Anyway we still take photo (4 of us) for 纪念。Cos 1 of them (javier) had graduated straight after the IPP.

Ben, Me, SiHan, Javier

Javier, SiHan & Me @ my area ! weeee~

Sihan, Me & Ben (wad tat ah neh~ doing behind?) LOL...

There is more photo, BUT i too lazy to upload.

Date: 13 August 2008, Wednesday
Last 3rd Day of Attachment

- Woman in BLACK :)

- The cookie given to Robin & Khiem (OCBC Supervisor & Team Mate).

~ Signing off ~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-


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First post!

Date: 17 August 2008, Sunday

Welcome to (
HeHe! This is the blog i just created. :)

Haha, just to create for fun la.

~ Signing off ~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-


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