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Wednesday, July 22, 2009Y
22 July 2009, Wednesday, 日全食

22 July 2009, Wednesday, 日全食

I had been craving for MacDonald breakfast - hot cakes since yesterday. Today, there was a 日全食. However, S'pore show not much different as usual. It onli obvious in China., thailand n some country. It was being broadcast on television.

Today, I woke up at 8.30am to watch and was thinking to go market to buy macdonald breakfast. However, it was raining heavily. It was already 10.30 am.. Omg, about an hour more, mac breakfast will end, don't care, brought an umbrella and went to the market with granny.

And finally I had my Hot Cakes, Yummy.... Feel so satisfied today ...

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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19 July 2009 Sunday, Ashamed to be a Singaporean.

19 July 2009 Sunday, Ashamed to be a Singaporean.
If that stink mouth girl happen to be a Singaporean, I'm really ashamed to be a Singaporean. She criticize people of being short, fat & ugly. The person being said was me and my sister. O my, is that the way for a singaporean to behave like that? What if the person that being criticize happen to be a tourist? What will that person think about Singapore? Any way, I didnt noe that my handphone camera capture the girl image .. realise it when im sorting up the photo!

Seriously, before saying others, she never think about her own crieria whether she is able to criticize others?

So what having a beautiful/pretty appearance? One day, people will grow old and everyone else will look about the same. Wrinkle hands, legs and faces. But the only things that other might have will be inner beauty.

Do u think this girl will have? Haix... Till now, realli ashamed to be a singaporean if she happen to be singaporean. She had spoilt the image of us.

Photo: Dun blame me for being too harsh!
Above: So ashamed of her! =.=

Above: Is she tall? Slim? Or Pretty ???

Even so, she doesnt have the right to critise others too!

~Signing off~

-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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19 July 2009, Sunday, Jurong Bird Park With Family

19 July 2009, Sunday, Jurong Bird Park With Family

Bird Park trip with family. In another words, my siblings and I were just tour guide .. Haha!!
My 5th uncle, his girlfriend(China), my 2nd aunt(Vietnam), and 3rd aunt's mum(Vietnam) were with us.
When reach our destination, my 5th uncle n his girlfriend ditches us and we went on our own .. -_-""... Is okay as if we dunno the route muahaha.. So we just went around to have fun .. but at the end of the day my sister and I was being said by someone.. Haix mood being destroyed, She was so nasty.. ! If she is a s'porean, I realli ashamed to be s'porean!

The rest of the photo in facebook.. Lazy to uplaod here!

After the trip we took a cab home ..

Above: We took this black cab home ..

And know what, the meter start at $5 and it jumps at $0.30.. OMG!! Auper expensive. I pay for $28++ just to get home! ... Faint!

~Signing off~

-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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Saturday, July 18, 2009Y
18 July 2009, Sat, Random Issue

18 July 2009, Saturday, Random Issue...

Morning, was ask to bring Xiao Bu Dian to the void deck to play.. Above: Kawaii !!

After a while, we went back home and my grandma went to play with her grandson, Dylan.
Above: Woo, Dylan was staring at grandma.. so cute..Above: Granny look so formal & Dylan spoilt the photo.. Naughty Boy...
Above: Haha, Purposely zoom in and took a big head photo!
In the afternoon, suddenly feel so hungry, so I cooked curry vegetable soup and rice & can meat.
These were my lunch dishes :) Yummy!!
Above: Look Nice, Yummy~~
Random Issue, post to thank my 4th uncle, 4th auntie, darren & fiona. This kate spade wallet was from them as my birthday present. It is beautiful but not my kind, but gonna bring this wallet from today onwards :) ...
Above: A orange Kate Spade Wallet. Love It! It is nice!!
I want camera, Uncle Vincent say will buy me next month as birthday present, hope it is true! Haha!!
~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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Friday, July 10, 2009Y
10 July 2009 Friday, Out with Aili & Puay San

10 July 2009 Friday
Meeting Aili & Puay San, Stupid Aili told me PS not coming. Then Aili got her retribution for lying, she forget to bring her handphone & I had to call PS. Haha!

We went to Far East Plaza and have the korean food! After dinner, went to have a walk around far east & wisma and went home!
These are the present that Aili gave to me!! I was stun when I unwrap the gift
A panty, a blank box, a dirty giaffra, a packet of sweet & a keychain. Some more with price tag on it ! Haha!

Above: These should be the real gift le ba ! Haha ! Thanks!
~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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09 July 2009, Thursday

09 July 2009, Thursday

Today, my actual day of Birthday. 21 le!! Woo~ But today was not celebrating with my family.

Thanks all the greeting from my friends & family, no matter through sms, msn or facebook ...

Thanks for the joy that you all gave it to me.

Thank grandma & 3rd auntie for the ang bao :)

Thanks for the presents too :)

O ya, todayI received a gift through mailing.. that cool & is from Wileen.

Anyway thx for the gift :)
~Signing off~

-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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5 July 2009, Sunday, Zoo & Dinner

5th July 2009, Sunday
Zoo Session & Dinner with secondary school friends. Erm can say is a pre 21st birthday celebration for me.

Firstly, we shall had a picnic at Zoo. In the morning we meet @8.50am @ amk interchange. However, all of us end up late, reach about 9++. We bought zoo ticket including boat ride and unlimitted tram ride @ $25.

Attendance for zoo session: XiuBin (mastermind of the trip), LiXin, Priscilla, Stacey, YiTing & Me.

We had so much fun in the zoo but a bit spoilt by the rain. Shall post a few of the photo, the rest in facebook.
Above: Picnic @ Zoo!! HaHa...
Above: Tram Ride!
Above: Boat Ride @ Zoo
Above: Haha!! Lao cock cock photo! Black & White :)
Above: After the boat ride! Cheeze!!
Zoo close @ 6pm & we leave the zoo when it is close to its closing time. We went back to Kovan for dinner Nakhon Kitchen (Thai Food) ... Yummy... However, Stacey had a plan for that night so she didnt went with us ..
Attendance for Nakhon Kitchen: XiuBin, YiTing, LiXin, ShiQi, Priscilla & Me...
ShiQi meet us for dinner that night! The dinner treat was on me. Anyway, the foods are very nice. The price was consider reasonable too.
Above: Overall food .. Haha!!
Above: Cheeze!!
Above: Present from them ♥Balloon, Cake & a swatch watch♥
Thanks My Friends... Love u all lots!!
This is quote from XiuBin which I also feel the same :)
"♥ I quess, the true meaninq of friends lies in the quality and not thequantity. People who not only hanq out with you, but always there thru your ups and downs. ♥ "

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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04 July 2009, Saturday

04 July 2009, Saturday, was planning to go zoo tomorrow. The event was plan by XiuBin for my 21st birthday celebration. She say 21st must celebrate so start to ask people to go ar, chip in present ar..

& things start to happen, some will end up not going with some particular reason, tat ok! & was being shoot by somebody too... (Tat make mi super fed up! DAMN U !!) Some cant promise =.= I was like is tat realli hard for u to come out? If so, I'm so sorry, just take it I didnt ask! Was realli qite tired of this.. I rather dun celebrate, at least I can keep a nice image of u as a friend, once this thing start, I will realise who is realli my friends!

I'm Very Tired !!!!!

Today went to Bishan with my sister to help my 3rd aunt to buy an edc clothes :) Den we went to amk hub. My sister & my bro share a gift for me! A BackPack !! Woo~~ Tat was Nice!! Haha!! Shall force them to get mi present every year!!

Today, my aunt & cousin came to my house in the evening.. Haha! They passes me the presents... Aunt Hong Peng bought me a 16GB thumb drive.. Cool~ Hope get to use it during school. Friends pass mi all ur songs, video or show! Haha

Suee Ann bought me a handphone pouch, woot, a piglet pouch. R u hinting something? Haha!

Anyway just nice, I was gonna get a handphone pouch. Love it lots!

Jay Lynn, so cute of her. She bought me a big lollipop! Hahaha!! Later I (Bo Ge) la!!!

I like the presents lots. Thanks everyone!!

Present From Family!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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1 July 2009 (Wed) - Singapore Flyer

Wednesday, 1 July 209 -- Puay San's 21st Birthday. She meet mi and aili.

We went to watch Ice Age 3 - 3D ...The movie was quite nice & funny ...

Den we went to take S'pore Flyer, only @ $10 ... Student price!! hahaha!!! Having stun in the cabin!

Above: Before taking Singapore Flyer
Above: Our Cabin C1
Above: I was picking up call (XiuBin who called me)
Above: Look like capsule haha!!

Above: Fooling around! Haha!!

~Signing off~

-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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