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Welcome to negative-gal.blogspot.com
Monday, March 30, 2009Y
30 March 2009, Monday

Last friday, went to pet shop at my hse area to buy pet treats for my dogs. Then my sis saw a paper stated looking for permanent part-timers n i was joking that i wanna to try.

Today went to try, she teach mi basic grooming, cut nails, file nails, pluck ear hair, clean ears, bathing, drying, clean teeths, cut the hair in between the paws... AND 1 more, dunno press wad liquid out from the ass haha! Stink man!

Need a lot of strength but i was like wobby wobby no strength. The boss say im not bad at it for the ffirst time, she told mi tat some ppl hands will shaky shaky !

Anyway, she say she will get back to mi tml cos there is still ppl came for interview and she ask mi to consider whether i like it but high chance will hire mi?? Hope so ! Maybe!

I shall consider.. Is realli quite stress! cos so frighten that i might hurt the dogs! Some more my hands so aching !! Maybe shall look for others jobs! F&B line???? Haha!!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo -

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Saturday, March 21, 2009Y
21 March 2009 - Saturday

Yesterdae went to jobDB fair! Woo~ nth much !!

The job not suitable for us one ! ROAR! Till now i'm still jobless!

Some1 suggest, find rich bf and get marry and be TAI TAI! Not bad ! Haha !! J/K

On the way back from job fair, I saw stacey, she busy talking with friend haha!

Guess wad! I saw her todae again, this time round i call out for her haha!!

it been 3 years that i nv seen her!! Haha!!

Shall give up looking for job le ! Tire!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo -

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009Y
17 March 2009, Tuesday

Date: 17 March 2009, Tuesday

Wee... Result out! Last night cant even check so bo chap went zzz...
In the morning, result was send to me! I think this the best semster I had even done!

1 A, 2 B+, 2 B and 1 C =.= Diao C !! ROAR ROAR!!!

GPA up too ! Happy! ***Dancing around*** ....

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo -

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15 March 2009 Sunday

Date: 15 March 2009 Sunday

Todae, actually plan to go to the It show, which is the last day with my aunt. On the way to city hall, we realise that they close the gate that link to city link.

YYYY?? No ans! And lots of ppl was jam there, cant walk thru, it was raining too so we cant walk outside too...

So we went to orchard instead, to buy some stuff..

And den went home, Shit waste of time!

My uncle came to my hse! Stupid uncle, cant even do easy task ahhaha!!

Dumb dumb!!!

A boring day!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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13 March 2009 Friday

Date: 13 March 2009, Friday

Woo~ 13th on friday? Black Friday???

Haha! Went to watch coming soon with AiLi... in the morning .. We too chicken feet! LOL!
Very scary~ Is a story in cinema, certain story line is being purposely plot by cathay!

"I think So"

Example: The whole story is being shown in Cinema 3 and the treatre we watching was 3 too!
Wooo~~ freak out!

Then went toilet half way, den came back, freak out by the cathay ppl, he was standing behind watching the show! and it was so dark, and i thought i pass thru wad hahhaha!!

Anyway , nice ghost show... I hide all the way ! Haha!!!
Rating: NC16
Genre: Horror
Language: Thai with English and Chinese subtitles
Director: Sophon Sakdaphisit
Cast: Chantavit Dhanasevi & Vorakan Rojchanawat
Runtime: 85 min

What kind of scenes in a horror film scares you the most?When a ghost appears totally unexpectedly?When the main character does not see the ghost lurking up behind him?When at the very end you find out that the main character was actually a ghost all along?

None of this compares to the feeling of arriving home alone and suddenly being struck by a feeling of déjà vu that you are reenacting the very same scenes in the horror movie you just saw! This movie will scare you from the second you step inside the movie theatre. It will get you wondering if “something” or “someone” might be waiting for you to let your guard down.

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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Thursday, March 12, 2009Y
10 March 2009

Date: 10 March. Tuesday...

Went to Chinatown a ten dollar KTV family Lounge. Surposingly, each person have to pay $10, from 2pm - 7 pm, at least 3 ppl. Err who knows, we paid for 4 person share, the person said there is no more 3 ppl room... erm....

Anyway it is not very sound proof, but songs quite a lot ! haha! free flow of drinks wee!! Hahaha
Drink Drink Drink!

Above: The room.. Quite small!!
Above: Haha Aili... Being "Qiang Bi" Her dressing of the day
Above: Puay San "Her dressing of the day" with the room background !
Above: Wad is she doing???
Above: Woot they start zhi lian !
Above: Twist!!!
End of the day haha! They chase us out at 7 sharp! Wooo~~~
~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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Monday, March 9, 2009Y
09 march 09

Todae, went for an interview! I was quite sad tat I didnt had the chance to get in! Quite upset when the interviewer choose another person! If onli both of us went, will I have the chance? Y am i a girl, if i am a boy, i will get the job? Y am i so small size, y doesnt I had the experience? Y Y Y????

My frenz told mi that, that person was considering whether to hire mi or him, but being fair, 1 girl and 1 boy! So end up sacrifice mi ! Realli very upset!!

Mood = Sad!

Yesterdae, went to trim hair! Actually wanna to cut away spilt end onli but end up cut short! Hahahaha ! Back to shoulder length !
Muhahaha! Found my childhood memories.... Ding Dang biscuit! Haha~ Love it when young! NOW? Not realli nice haha!!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

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