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Wednesday, February 25, 2009Y
25 Feb 2009

Erm, transfer my new doogy photo into computer :)
Shall disclose my doggy identity! "XIAO BU DIAN" (Female doggy)

Above: She was resting after her spray (sterilazation) surgery (24th Feb 09)... My poor darling.

Above: 25 Feb - Yeah look more refreshing now! with e-collar.. KAWAII!

Above: Sleepy mood again? Cheeze!!

Does "Xiao Bu Dian" look like JoJo(refer to photo to previous post)?

So Heartach! Where jojo? Return Me! Human Being!!

Yesterdae night, saw it through a tv show, a lost dog too, abt the same kind as JoJo.

Mood was down to the drain .. Damn it!

~Signing off ~

-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

ends at 10:50 AM

Tuesday, February 24, 2009Y
24 Feb 2009

So long didnt blog, back to blog haha..

Words onli~ too lazy.


Few gathering going on... Photo update when im not lazy haha!

Doing nth nowsaday, still quite lost, dunno wad to do.

Full-time uni study? Part-Time Study? Work??


Todae, went job interview, errr need handle 1000 over redemption plus call enquiry?
STRESS!! REJECTED the job! In previous job, I cant even finish 300+ redemption le! NOW 1000+ ?? Haha!!

My new doggy, XIAO BU DIAN, went for Sterilisation todae, she so weak now..

Hope she recover soon!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

ends at 10:00 PM