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Welcome to negative-gal.blogspot.com
Saturday, September 27, 2008Y
27 Septmember 2008

Saturday, finally get to rot at home. Today, my off day but i have to go back to work as OT tml! I'm really very tired. I had enough of this kind of life. How am i going to survive after graduated. Now, I had only work about 4 months (3 months attachment + 1 month in starhub-current job) and i really can't stand it anymore. How am i going to survive??


My old problem, shoulder ache start again. My shoulder was aching now, really painful! SOB!! Today, i thought i can had a good rest at home, however end up accompany my grandma to A.M.K polyclinic to get her medicine, she had accidentally drop her medicine and my VIETNAMESE auntie sweep and throw it away. God! I'm already half dead! Then, i had to run an errand for my grandma which is to bet 4D. When is my turn, the auntie tell me I'm underage, 18 den can buy 4D -_-"" God, this issue again... I told her I'm already 20 den she turn to her neighbour and ask so she look like 18? He neighbour say dun look like 18 at all, den the auntie say I said I'm 20. Haix.... look young create so much problem? Anyway they let me buy. I didnt break any rule! I'm not underage!

Back home, i told my granny abt this issue, she went to tell my dad and he keep laughing at me! **Heart-Broken**.. Small size is not i want ma! Haix... In work place, small size being attack by sissy, being said short by a bamboo guy and now! O-My!!!

At home, i play games the whole day , muahaha! And i really had no time to watch my series show! Haix....

Shall I leave work on 30 Sept if it had approved or just continue till 12 Oct?

*** I think if im approved to leave on 30 Sept, I shall leave! Really need a good rest! Dun think my shoulder can take it anymore! and the last week of holiday, I had an medicinal appointment and need to bring my grandma for check up too***

Shall revenge on my last day ! Haha!! Pray hard let me leave ! BUT I dun think so cos i think I'm the only one leave that who noe to do afternnon shift thing! Pls .. ask the rest to train the new AA
... I WANT TO LEAVE!!!!!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

ends at 8:32 PM

Friday, September 26, 2008Y
26 September 2008

As usual went work! Afternoon shift hehe!! Today i handle fulfillment all by myself.

I was able to finish it before end work ... Haha but didnt manage to fold and put in envelope!

When doing, i met some problem so i had to email and ask .... I email a
particular guy (Err Yap 先生)Errrr, just happen to noe that he is the guy that time say me short and ask my friend about my age. When he noe i'm 20 he say so small size.( ROAR, also noe from friend, Siti). KNS, Yap 先生 if wanna say me, pls say infront of me! Not behind Me!!

Today, he in fish tank and say quite LOUD. Who is HuiLeng? Is it the short short one?
(Kerrine told me) when i emailed him. Roar!! Den when he answer me back, i purposely email back noted, plus pls dun say me short short anymore! -_-"" Haha... den he ask kerrine y sabo him... funny sia, come on say infront of me den... Mr bamboo yap!

Time schedule is out, god... either always leave me a few days out or didnt even put my name at all... The schedule for next week, worst ! I onli work on Mon and Tues. Den i ask brenda, she tell me i was leaving on 30 September ar, is already approve. Damn it, Melvin tell me very hard to approved, and didnt even tell me is already approved. I already push all my activities and plan le now how? Haix.. They ask me to ask melvin... Errr.... I den say i went mia at the beginning of wed since it was being approved haha!

Den i was joking that during the last day, maybe i buy chocolate and strawberry flavor hello panda and give to ariv and ask thx for the guidance, here a small gift, u wan STRAWBERRY or choclate one? I even wanna write a small note:

Thx Ariv for scolding of doing wrongly for the dunned customer, thx for scolding me wearing slipper, thx for shouting at me during the training. I REALLY CANT TAKE THE SICKENING ATTITUDE OF URS!!!! Enjoy ur indian dance!!!

And a note to Mr bamboo Yap:

Dear Mr Bamboo Yap,
I'm that short short girl name HuiLeng. And I'm quiting already, u wont get to see short short girl again. And being short is not I want, pls clarify with my mum on Y am I so short. Number: 99 512345. AND U R TOO TALL!! WILL BANG THE CEILING LA!!!!!


Haha!! shoot shoot shoot all of them when i'm last day !!!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

ends at 10:08 PM

Thursday, September 25, 2008Y
25 September 2008

**In work place now**

Affternoon shift, double banking with Joie for fulfillment! I'm so stress up! Errr..... feel sux now! I'm really confuse with the stuff she say.


Help! Help! Help!

Tml must ask siti to help me again, correct me or else i sure drown on sunday!
Errr Sunday, I Jia Lat!!

I want to quit!!!! ROAR !!!!!

~Signing off~

-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

ends at 5:19 PM

Monday, September 22, 2008Y
22 September 2008

I hate to work afternoon shift.... It sux man! haha! Learn new things and it was so complicated, i dun understand at all!! I dun wan to continue!

God! I'm getting sick, I'm having terrible flu now. My ear was stuck, I can't really hear anything.... Nose block, can't breathe!

S.H.I.T .......

Terrible day 4 M3!!!!!!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

ends at 11:09 PM

Saturday, September 20, 2008Y
20 September 2008

Today, I pack my table half way and den went to hair salon. Went to dye and highlight my hair. I CAN'T STAND MY xxxxx hair!! haha...

The color actually ok, but i dun really like it. SOB! My sister say so ugly but my aunt say not bad! Should trust my aunt instead of my sister cos my sister taste cannot be believe...

I also dun like her hairstyle, it looks weird but she seems to satisfied with it! Haha...

Haha... MY HAIR can u pls grow faster, so slow.... Hehe!!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

ends at 7:50 PM

Friday, September 19, 2008Y
19 September 2008

Friday! An unlucky day for all of us (AAs). Now, time 2.52pm. Doing work and blogging at the same time.

Today is RuiWen last day of work, ROAR leave so early. I wan leave also sob!! I wan holidays! In the morning, I saw LLX at MRT station, both of us were heading to our work place. HaHa so Qiao Ar!! LOL ~ Both of us stunt sia!

Before lunch time, some unpleasant incident happen, all of us was being warn by Melvin(
TL) and he was being highlighted of the incident by Rachel(higher position?) Forgoddness sake, just a small incident, and it created so much trouble + problem.It was just a small problem cos we pin a paper at our desk. It wrote: Anjingbijiaohao (安静比较好) + all our name! Is there any problem? I dun find any problem, it is just a few chinese word on a piece of paper? And we were being warn. Kao! They say others will mistaken by those word =.= forgoodness sake, this show that they are just being too noisy izzt!

Hmm, i think is a guy(high post) that saw it and dunno how it spread to the Rachel and she purposely came to see the words and ask. That guy already say nvm... Y SHE INSIST?? Dun understand la!!!

Rumours... A
exuective(ShirXXX) put a few boxes that were being pile up infront of the printer at AA base. It block the printer, but she do ask us whether she can put those stuff for a while. I think some of us ans yes, she may but 1 of the AA (ahem) say y not put 1 boxes on the table as it was blocking the printer. Rumours start, we think that is that executive went to make a complaint.... OMG!!! ABUSE AUTHORITY... Her position is higher den us but request was being reject by an AA! Think will feel unhappy ba! 我看不起这样的人。

We just being warn to be careful in future and just pin related information... Wad the hell, so no life man... Let me leave early la... I already dun feel like continuing, and this happen, we were band from doing this and that. Haix, there are so many ppl wearing slipper, and I'm the only one to be caught? (somemore by a sissy, DAMN IT) Haix.. It suppose to be a nice job... BUT .....

If im leaving, i think i will not miss the places, the job scope and those execut or wad shit. I will miss those new friends that I met there and those who are nice to us....

**Pls la ... politics! WE JUST AA!!!! WONT SNATCH UR RICE BOWL OK!!! Pls dun abuse ur authority ! **

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

ends at 2:51 PM

Thursday, September 18, 2008Y
18 September 2008

Tml will be RuiWen last day of work.. ROAR! my leaving was not approved & I had to learn Fax to Shop/Fulfillment... Damn it! & I will be on afternoon shift next week. (11.30am to 9pm) Crazy crazy crazy, I had to stay for another 3 weeks!

Today, start learning voucher to shop! I'm confused la! Err! Since yesterday, Ruiwen and me got realli nth much to do, is like slacking most of the time. Today morning, the best haha! Melvin(TL) ask us not to do filtering as there were not much cases to do so ask us to pack modi form. LOL, this onli take less than half an hr! Den we went break, when back, we start surfing internet, web messenger and chat with few frenz! haha slack slack $$ come come.

Anjing routine! Photo Session!
Yesterday photo:

What that face? NORMAL PLS! RW! (Above pic)
Finally, Normal pic! (Below) Haha , @ our AA Base!

Fast fast take photo @ Starhub (our work place) b4 those executive back!

Sudha (muthu, hehe.. Know from working place), RuiWen & Me! I hate to take camera (hp) la.. I look fat~

Today photo: As usual (toilet photo session Weee!!)

What that 2 ad-normal ppl doing? Im looking at my photo (I'm normal haha)

PS taking photo, RuiWen already posting~(twist) & me BO CHAP! HAHA...

JiaYou 3 more week to go!!


~Signing off~

-HuiLeng aka MoMo-

ends at 9:14 PM

Thursday, September 11, 2008Y
11 sep 2008

Date: 11 Sept 2008 (Thursday)

Today, doing volume update again. Woot, i put the wrong day. haha. 11 Sept 2008 (Wed) haha Woot wrong is thursday la... haha... WeiQiang, also an AA(so call) there, came and tell me, see wad u send haha is thursday la.. KNS LAUGH AT ME! Must revenge hehe!!

Rui wen went back to the AA corner to do something, den im alone in fish tank but she will be back. Den our team leader (Melvin) walk past me, his seat is directly one row in front of me. Den he saw me alone, Im flipping my Ms Su(name of a note book) translation of chinese 秘书, I'm viewing throught the notes i had take. Den he say , onli u alone ar, where ruiwen, den i say she went back to the corner den he ask will she back yeah of cos she will. Think if nv, he gonna pull one more to sit in fish tank ba hehe! Den he ask y am i flipping the book, i say viewing thru the note lor, scare do wrongly ma. He say dunno can ask him la, he not that fierce de leh. Den he ask wad i dunno, i say the dunning thing, cos fear of doing dunning cases sia, later being attack by damn sissy again. Den he ask did i met any dunning cases den he teach me! But den i didnt met any in the morning, he say if got den tell him den he teach but den i didnt la, i try to recall wad he had taught before. He also say that if ARI (which is that sissy) come look for me again den go tell him. He not suppose to look for me directly. Wau lau ... Sickening sissy... Woot, he knew wad happen sia... dunno who tell him de. HaHa.. Den he called for me again, is the problem that WeiQiang laugh at me, is thursday not wed, he pointed out to me =.= omg! Dun laugh pls ahah!

I think our team leader (Melvin) know me and ruiwen comfirm got problem de so whenever, he walk past us, he will sure ask got any problem... HaHa!! Den he will clear the mess for us. Today, we receive modi form which is due yesterday, ehh but i onli receive today so must chiong sia. I went to ask him how, he say just take it is due today. Anyway, onli 4 should be ok la. Den I pass it to ruiwen do. Den suddenly, i heard a guy shouted HuiLeng, den i stare up, den he say aiyo who lai de... den i heard my name again which is called by my team leader. Haha, i think he ask that guy to call me but he shouted at one corner, WTH!! Team leader wanna ask whether the form is cleared which i say haven. Den i went back to do, after that den finish it and back to tell him.. Haha aiya, always went to disturb him la, keep asking question, so pai se leh ! Wad can i do haha! dunno ma...

Den keep asking, den finish the case. When going to end the work soon, we notice there was a case without crm number, den ruiwen, kerrine and me so curious so we look for the ED that was created to see who did the case... .Haha is WeiQiang... It was time for me to revenge! Weee! Den i email the number to him and say alamak no crm number leh.. Den we all purposely stand up and look at his expression, haha! cos he sitting in front of us. He saw the mail and he was shocked.. den i keep suan him hahaha! So funny!!

Den end work, LOL!!

Date: 10 Sept 2008(Wednesday)

Everyday the same, went work, lunch, back to work den go home. :) During lunch hour, we went for lunch and I saw llx. Weeee~ Her attachment place was at park mall and my working place is beside her :), haw par, not haw par village ar. LOL ... Today, rui wen and me sitting place was in the fish tank. LOL, the computer screen was large.. haha so clear :)... Both of us keep walking back to the seat where we use to sit, cos fish tank was really boring~~ It was so cold too, like freezer sia... Alamak. That day, the stupid access keep down sia... cannot do anything too so we slack haha! This job quite slacking, but everyday we had to filter in the cases and some of them are so funny. IRRITATING PPL, terminate line den terminate line la, keep requesting so much thing... and didnt pay ur bill wth! Just because didnt pay the bill and become dunned customer den i filter wrongly den get scolding by a sissy .... wad an idiot. I was doing daily volume update for the week, so I had to sort out the letter and faxes. BUT all the stuff i didnt really get to see b4 de.. Errr, so hard. Den i went to ask team leader (Melvin)... Haha... whenever me and ruiwen meet any difficult problem or we dun understand we will go and ask him... ahhaha! ke lian ta liao ! Have to keep entertaint us lol ~ Aiyo, really dunno ma so must ask, be irritating a bit rather den doing wrongly and kena scolding ma. The day end like this. Woot! quite tired today so went to zzz very early.

Date: 9 Sept 2008 (Tuesday)

In the morning, went work. O my, rountine always the same. Lunch den back to work again. Me and rui wen was ask to go over the fish tank to seat for the week tml by Melvin(our team leader). FISH TANK~~ HAIX! WILL GET TO SEE THAT ASS SISSY MORE OFTEN LIAO ! WTH...

Date: 8 Sept 2008 (Monday)

As usual morning went to work. Then lunch, nth special too, den after work.
After work, rui wen, puay san and me went to the class chalet. It was fun, haha, didnt really take photo. I didnt stay for the chalet as I had to go work the next day. We had a majong session, I was in the winning state, hehe! I was a team with XiuRong cos i will be going home so she will be taking over. Overall, we won $4.30 as our stake was 10cents and 20 cents, not too big :) Our majong ka (脚) was shireen, sebas, ben and me with xiu rong. haha... quite fun, i wan another majong session leh! Hehe...


ends at 8:04 PM

Saturday, September 6, 2008Y
6 sep 08

Date: 06 Sept 2008, Saturday

Today, went to watch movie! WALL-E !! KAWAII NEH!!! Thank AILI for the movie treat WEEE!!!! HAHA

Wall-Eeeeeee!! E-Vaaaaaaaa!! LOL! Kawaii... Guys and Girls notice, do not always choose only pretty girls or handsome guy. When future come into ROBOT ERA! There will be no different between pretty/handsome or ugly... ALL HAVE BECOME FATTY!! HAHA...

Lesson Learnt: Do not throw rubbish/thrash. Please keep the earth clean, do not destroy the greeny and clean earth.

Date: 05 Sept 2008, Friday

Morning, went work as usual but is getting boring. Dun feel like going at all!
Nth special happen. In the afternoon, my lunch time was at 1.30pm, that late BUT wad can i do? Ruiwen and me went lunch with the 2 senior and our team leader called
MELVIN! LOL ~ During lunch, he ask us about our school and course. Den he say he our 师兄, den 1 of the senior say he is 师叔 la. Den they continue to chat haha, and me and rw remain quiet. LOL. Another peaceful day gone!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-


ends at 6:46 PM

Wednesday, September 3, 2008Y
03 Sept 2008

Todae, Wednesday, nth special happen.

EXCEPT! I received a card from Siti and Anjing members (Shireen, RuiWen, SooSing, XiuRong, Puay San). Thank for the encouragement! I realli appreciated it... I will show that idiot sissy that small size people can also work and perform better then him!

Anyway i believe that
STRAIGHT will win CROOKED! Oops! wrong comparison. (错的比喻) HaHa!!

Friends 4 Eva! Muacks, Love ya!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-


ends at 9:00 PM

Tuesday, September 2, 2008Y
2 Sept 08

Todae! A Super unlucky day for me! Thought wont get to see that asshole sissy again @ my work place! WHO KNOWS!! I was being said by that asshole SISSY TWICE TODAE!! Gonna to state his name now!! Called ARIV (if im not wrong).... IDIOTIC BOTAK.... CHAO A-GUA!

Before lunch, he saw me outside the office and he say y u still wear the slipper, didnt i say cannot wear before? Oh pls la! SINCE WHEN U TELL ME B4! WTH! By the way, that not just a slipper, is heels, is just that it is a flat one from Charles & Keith. At the interview i do ask wad kind of shoes cant be wore, the one who interview me say charles and keith one can! IDIOTIC BOTAK!!!!

Then after lunch, he note down a phone no. and crm no. and came to our place and ask, Who is HuiLeng! I already answer u ... IS JUST THAT U R DEAF.... Still say y u keep quiet when im asking. And he start reprimmand me about the cases... He say didnt i told u wad to do during the training, y u still do like this. Lucky got a senior help me! Pls la, all the while the rest had been doing the same way and y am i the onli one being said? Then he aim at my shoes again, den i say i wear because i wan make me look taller, OK IM TAT SHORT OK, ASSHOLE! He still say, u dun have other heels shoes ar, pls la wad the different, it is still open toes!

I cant stand
HIM anymore, i break into tears... Im SO DEPRESS! Since beginning, he had been targetting on me, no matter if i had done it correctly or done. So wad the use for continuing this job... Im gonna to quit it in 2 weeks time! Even those frenz same training session as me also say that he had been targeting on me since first day!

Y AM I TAT SUAY!!!! Den the senior tell me, he dislike small size people and tend to bully weaker people! WAD THE **** ... Before me, there was a AA also about the same size as me was that ASSHOLE target. Pls la, i didnt snatch guy from u... MR CHAO AH-GUA!!!!! No need aim me!

Then when going home, ps say he is ok~ he teach him the etc lor!


Shall stop here! Haix!! Sad!!!!!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-


ends at 7:47 PM

Monday, September 1, 2008Y
1st Sept 2008 Monday

Date: 1st Sept 2008 Monday!
Today, my frend Puay San (PS) first day of work. O sad for her, her trainer is the SISSY! And there is a new AA called Zhi Hui (a guy) careful wor!! SISSY GOES FOR? HAHAHA!!! *Woot*~

In the morning, that sissy brought the 2 of them to the AA corner to introduce to us. AND KNOW WAD, he treat us as transparent sia! PS then tell us, when that FUCKING SISSY(sorri for this word, but i realli cant stand it) saw me and rw, his face change to like jerking at us! WTF! Attitude leh, we didnt do anything wrong! Y i should suffer these kind of treatment during my holidays?

Y? Y? Y? Y? TELL ME!

At first i was thinking to continue to work till mid oct, but now haix... feel like quiting at the end of this month. HAIX!!! I WANT $$$$$$$ ... LOL

Today, i make mistake in my work! I'm really very guilty of it as i was using a senior name, Eileen Fu Min Wei. I'm really sorry about this!

Anyway , why they cant just help us change the things, it just a date?? Haix!!

End work at 6.30pm, another day gone!

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-


ends at 8:26 PM


Date: 31 August 2008 Sunday
On Sunday, nothing special. In the morning, i just watch series show all the way until afternoon.

Afternoon i meet xb @ 1.30pm @ amk hub. WE going for movie! ~Wee~

Movie: BOYS OVER FLOWERs the movie
Rating: TBA
Genre: Romance ComedyLanguage: Japanese with Chinese and English subtitles
Cast: Mao Inoue, Jun Matsumoto, Shun Oguri, Shota Matsuda, Tsuyoshi Abe
Total Time: 130 mins (2 hours 10min)

I like Shun Oguri most! LOL ~ As in acting the character of *Hanazawa Rui*

~Signing off~
-HuiLeng aka MoMo-


ends at 8:10 PM